Prosecutor's Website
10 days
April, 2013
The prosecutor needed a way to effectively display all the work that he had done, as the website offered to him by the government had several problems, usability being one. I volunteered to design the website of the Monroe County public prosecutor in such a way so as to make it look simple, yet at the same time retain the complexity of information provided by the prosecutor.
The Monroe County public prosecutor needed a way to display all of the work that he had done in the past. His current website, which was maintained by the government, had several usability problems, and overall he wasn't happy with its appearance and aesthetics. He needed a website that not only looked good, but also functioned well, so that he wouldn't be ashamed of showing it to other people.
The design that I created aimed to be simple and elegant, yet not sacrifice the complexity of information as provided to me by him. My design aims to improve the user experience of people visiting his website, by creating a design which promotes the feel of a single page experience. Only the main content is allowed to scroll, and everything else remains where it is. This also has the added benefit of people getting to the information they needed as fast as possible without having to scroll to find it. For example, if someone needs to make an online report to "Adult Protective Services", they can simply click the link and all the information they need to take action is located in the right hand corner. The similar pattern is followed for other web pages too.
Team members : Deepak Bhagchandani + Chris Gaal(Monroe County Prosecutor)

I initially met the client to learn about what was his sole motivation as well as his high level goals for having a website. We browsed through his old website and he explained to me the problems that he was facing with the old website, which he wished to be addressed in the new design. After that I spent the next few days, reading through all the information that he submitted to me for the website, as well as browsing through his old website.
After trying to understand the core problems that needed to be addressed with the old website as well as assessing the new opportunities that could be created for the new website, I began sketching some concepts and interactions that fit the problem space model as learn't during the research phase. Some of the requirements of the new website as envisioned by me and learn't from the insights that I generated during research would be :
  • The Additional Links like online forms and Contact Information like phone numbers of departments were important action items, that people would be looking for generally when visiting this website. Therefore, it was important for them to be always visible at all times on the screen as well as be easily accessible.

  • The various sub links should be always visible once the user has clicked on a main link. This is so because there were too many menu items and it would simply be easier for the user, to see all of them at once and not have to go over each main link again and again to see all the various sub items.

  • Finally the main content would be itself scrollable so that the whole page does not need to scroll.