One! IU
4 days
Dec, 2013

Individual Project
This project was done while working as a designer with Indiana University Information Technology Services. I was asked to redesign the vertical layout of the tiles into a better functioning and more intuitive horizontally tiled layout.
Design the tiles in a horizontal layout to primarily solve the problem of tile details being cut off in a vertical layout. Additionally explore arranging and/or adding other information to the tile.
Team members : Deepak Bhagchandani

Day 1 & Day 2 : Brainstorming, Sketching & Concept Generation For the first two days I was simply interacting with the design as it is currently and trying to figure out what were its pitfalls. As I was exploring the problems with the current design and the opportunities that could be tapped, I had some design ideas in my mind. I began sketching different ideas and layouts, and continuously reiterated on them, to refine them and make them more user friendly. Some of the pitfalls of the current design are :

The icon is too big in proportion to the whole tile.

Also, if the title is too large, then it gets cut off.

Lastly and most importantly, there is no clear call to action. When I interacted with it, it was unclear whether I was supposed to click on the icon, or the title, or the "View Details" button.

Day 3 & Day 4 : User Interface, Prototype, & Slide Deck

After I had some rough sketches ready, I began creating a mockup of the sketches in Adobe Photoshop. As I was creating the sketches in Photoshop, I learn that what was possible on paper, was not easily accomplish-able in software. This is because on paper, we draw without any resolutions, restrictions, dimensions, etc. But when we have to draw on a screen all the elements of the interface have to fit in well together.